Leonie Hein (le Roux) – 4 January 2014

Leonie came to me, armed with three pictures. One of an illusion neckline that she cut out of an antiquated You magazine. The second was of a beautiful bodice that appealed to her sense of style. And last, but not least, of a skirt that flowed from her hips.

She wanted her dress to swirl around her as she walked down the aisle. They were to be wed on the 4th of January, in the simmering hot summer sun of Robertson. Therefore, she wanted to be ultra comfortable and cool. Leonie is such a spirited, spontaneous individual and I wanted the design to reflect that. To allow her to be comfortable in her skin and enjoy every moment.

Her dusky pink dress was fashioned from silk chiffon and showcased a ruched bodice with a slightly revealing back. The flowered lace motif was swept to the back of the dress, lending it a touch of unpretentious glamour. The dropped bodice gave way to a fabulously soft and willowy skirt.

I enjoyed these photo’s of Leonie’s wedding day so much! It’s such an accurate reflection of the generous and wholesome woman she is.

♥ A

Leonie Hein

Leonie Hein

Leonie Hein

Leonie Hein

Leonie Hein

Leonie Hein

Leonie Hein

Photography by Ilene Slabber Photography.

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