♥ From the Brides’ Side

I don’t think it was humanly possible to be more pleased with a dress, Alana is a magic worker!

♥ Leigh-Anne Dale

Working with with Alana was an absolute highlight of the wedding planning process! I initially felt unsure because I had too many ideas. I also never had a dress made before and it felt a tad bit daunting. However, her calm nature and friendly smile made the process such a joy! When you are someone who appreciates different styles and likes to express yourself with interesting textiles, odd jewelry and hippie skirts, yet also appreciate beautifully tailored coats and minimalist styles, choosing 1 design can be a bit overwhelming! Alana made this process so much easier and made me the dress of my dreams! 

♥ Lillian Giles

I immediately knew that Alana would understand what I want. Every time I went to her for a fitting, she blew me away with what she had done. She had taken what I wanted and made it even better. She really is amazing!

♥ Nikita Lisher

I just LOVE my dress and I think Alana created an extraordinary piece of work!

♥ Tanja-Mari Theron

Alana is such a lovely person. She truly lives up to her brand name: Made with love – as she pours so much love and kindness into the making of a dress. I felt secure and at ease from the start. Many say that when you have a dress made, you put yourself under a lot of stress. When you use Alana, that is definitely not the case. She is so talented and creative and she makes sure your dress is perfect! Thank you, Alana!

♥ Eriné Kidd

Absolutely loved the dress. Alana is amazing and I will forever appreciate her advice, sparkling personality, diligence, patience and being so accommodating of me.

♥ Marené de Beer

Alana made a dress that was everything I hoped it would be and that enabled me to feel amazing on my big day. I’m really grateful for that!

♥ Jessica Davies

The moment I saw Alana’s webpage I knew that she would be the the designer for me – the one that would bring all my ideas together and create something beautiful. 

♥ Maxine Abrahams

Alana was so incredibly patient. She was able to work with me so that I achieved everything I wanted.

♥ Dee Marco

Alana helped me so much in shaping my dream dress, we got together regularly and adjusted things here and there to create my ultimate gown.

♥ Héloïse Daffue

I still think I have the most beautiful dress and I think it will stand the test of time. It was a pleasure to work with Alana – she made me feel so comfortable and was able to pull off my dream dress in just two fittings.

♥ Anschke Ollewagen

I have been a bridesmaid a couple of times and have been to different designers and dressmakers over the past years. Alana is by far the most professional, most down to earth and easy-going designer that I have come across. The dress she made me fit better than a glove and exceeded any expectations I ever had about my wedding dress. I am in awe at her talent. 

♥ Gwynnedd Laubscher

Alana has such an unique creative way of designing wedding dresses. When I stumbled upon her website, I spent hours just admiring all her dresses. I immediately knew I wanted her to make my wedding dress. She makes you feel special and like a one of a kind bride. Her dresses are definitely made with love.

♥ Ubré Harris

Alana is a fantastic designer and dressmaker. So glad I found her to make my dream dress.

♥ Cemari Robertson

Alana was incredible.Within 10 minutes of our first meeting she had perfectly interpreted what I wanted into a sketch. I was in London until 2 weeks before my wedding and within those 2 weeks, she pulled the whole thing together. She listened to what was important to me and it showed in the dress.

♥ Susan Simonsen 

Alana, who I just loved from the beginning – immediately grasped what I wanted and made me the perfect dress!

♥ Nadia Beukes

Die beste keuse wat ek kon maak rondom my trourok was om vir Alana te vra om dit vir my te maak. Alana is ‘n dierbare, saggeaarde, geduldige mensie wat mooi na elke idee geluister het en ook goeie voorstelle en idees gegee het. Weereens baie dankie Alana vir my pragtige rok- ek kon vir niemand beter gevra het nie!

♥ Simonie Rossouw

It was great to work with Alana. She always made me feel special and gave me different suggestions to change the dress to best suit my style. I could not thank her enough for the special part she played on our wedding day!

♥ Chantelle Brink

I think Alana is a wonderful human, awesome friend and highly professional! She just gets it! I love her energy and beautiful smile. Most importantly…she makes a great cup of coffee!

♥ Nadia Beaumont

Alana is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. From our first appointment I knew that she would design my dress. It was like I had made a new friend instantly. She has such an amazing, addictive laugh and her warm personality makes you feel so comfortable from the minute you walk into her home. Nothing is too much for her. She was calm and comforting at every appointment – no matter how many times I decided to change something. You can sense the love and passion! 

♥ Nicky Waterson

Alana is a great designer. My dress was perfect. Just the way I had imagined it! 

♥ Rozanne Serdyn

I recommend Alana wherever I go. The initial reason I chose her as my designer was that I could see from her portfolio that she does not force one style on all her designs. She creates unique pieces that are equally beautiful – perfect for each bride’s personality. I had such an amazing and enjoyable experience with her. Thank You, Alana! 

♥ Carol Roux

Thank you for making me feel so safe – every step of the way. The amount of effort you put in is incredible! Your work is magical and your personality is warm and kind. You managed to give me a dress that spelled my name.         

♥ Juané de Villiers

Alana and I come a long way and I couldn’t imagine anyone better to share this experience with. Not just because my dress was absolutely perfect, but also because Alana has such an amazing nature. She has this unbelievable gift to draw out each bride’s personality in their dress.

♥ Michelle Cronje

My experience with Alana was great fun! At our initial meeting I described my dream to her and her face literally lit up with excitement. She was more enthusiastic about my dress than I! That is when I knew I have found the perfect person to design my dress! Alana made all my wishes come true!

♥ Lelanie de Wet

Alana is a world class designer! She is both amazing and inspiring. I recommend her to all my friends.

♥ Lisma Gelderblom

Alana is very talented and is an excellent dressmaker! I loved the colour – Alana dyed the material until it was the perfect hue. Her workmanship and attention to detail is immaculate. She is prompt and committed to an agreed time schedule. She has a very good balance between listening to ideas and making suggestions from a designer’s point of view. From her talent, knowledge and expert advice stemmed my dream wedding dress.

♥ Minette Coetsee

Alana was the first, and only, designer I contacted for a consultation. I just loved everything about her! She is such a beautiful person, inside and out. I was always excited to go for my fittings because she always made me feel special and important. She is so kind and warm-hearted, and always made me feel at ease – it felt like I was going to visit a friend. Alana really puts a lot of hard work and effort into making bespoke wedding attire and I would recommend her to anyone.

♥ Hanchen le Roux

With Alana based in Cape Town and myself in Pretoria, I thought it would incredibly challenging with regards to communication and fittings. However, Alana was so professional and the process was seamless.

Alana is exceptionally talented and has such a unique style. Her dress designs are absolutely exquisite! I still find myself browsing through her Facebook page – just to look at her wonderful work!

♥ Chandre Wessels

Alana is so AMAZING! I told her I loved lace and showed her a few pictures of dresses that I really liked – and right there, on the spot – she combined all the ideas and designed the perfect dress for me! She is innovative and stylish- so I felt confident leaving the design of my dress in her capable hands. She made me feel so comfortable at each fitting and she was just as excited as I was about the dress! To this day people still compliment me on my dress! It was unique and perfect for my body – that is the sort of detail that Alana invests into each one of her dresses.

♥ Elmarie Viljoen

Alana was great! I set three days aside to see different designers, and Alana was the last one on the itinerary. After meeting with her, I didn’t hesitate to ask her to be my dress designer! Also, I didn’t have a picture of my dream dress, but Alana was amazing – she got a feel for what I wanted and worked her magic!  She is incredibly friendly and approachable, but also professional. She makes you feel so comfortable, which allows you to share with her what you want from the dress.

♥ Marelize Smit

Alana is literally one in a million. Her comforting aura assures you that you are in great hands. She has this infectious, sincere smile that makes you want to be in her presence. Her eyes expose a infections enthusiasm for the future. Above all, she has a beautiful heart. She is interested in your story. Your experience. What you want. What an amazing talent!

Alana, thank you for not only making 2 dresses that I am still totally in love with…but for inspiring me with your beautiful heart. I believe one’s wedding is a collective of your experiences leading up to the big day – and your part in my journey made the experience just that extra special.

♥ Lané Mong

Alana is one of my best friends, so our interaction was all love and fun filled – so relaxed. I loved my dress! It was perfectly light and comfortable. Just as I had imagined.

♥ Marita Palm

Ah, Alana is such a sweetheart! I loved seeing her (and her gorgeous grey cat) for fittings. She instinctively knew what I wanted and had great suggestions and insights when my creative well ran dry. I’ve dreamed many dreams about my perfect wedding dress and had incredibly high expectations – and Alana exceeded them!Of course a mother also has visions for her daughter’s special day and it can be challenging to please both your mother and to stay true to yourself. I envisioned something simple and my mother had reveries of layered lace. Alana came up with the brilliant idea of a detachable lace skirt – pleasing both myself and my mom (whom I love dearly)! During the ceremony I wore the lace and took it off for the remainder of the day. The fabricated bouquet was the most beautiful I have ever seen. Alana also sewed a special message inside my husband’s suite ♥I really love Alana and all my bridesmaids loved her too. So much so that they’re all super excited to see her for their future weddings too!

♥ Caylee Scholtz

Working with Alana was amazing! She was really fun and relaxed during the whole process. She advised me on what textures would work best to achieve the look I wanted- and that within my budget. I loved my dress. The material buttons, the elegant lace straps, the fitted rouged bodice, the sweetheart neckline – just the beautiful simplicity of the gown. I absolutely adored that I could show off my blue suede shoes! Alana went above and beyond – until I was wholly happy with every single feature and had my picture-perfect dress – down to the last little button.

♥ Helena Krige

Alana was truly magnificent! Within minutes of our first consultation she had drawn precisely what I had envisioned. No doubt- she was the one to make my dress. I absolutely loved every detail and would not have changed a thing! I was 4 months pregnant at the time and Alana fashioned the dress to fit my bump perfectly!

I have recommended her too many of our brides. It was lovely to walk down the aisle and hear whispers from our guests of how pretty the gown is. Thank you so much Alana, I have the dress hanging up in our showroom and get soooo many wonderful comments on how stunning it is!

♥ Angie De Bock

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