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I am an ardent adorer of pretty things… Delicate vintage lace, ‘blush’ tones, lush layers of tulle, and skilfully handcrafted flowers. Trends hot of the runway, trends right off the vintage shop rail, bunches of beautifully scented lavender, soft scatter cushions (!!), stirring photographs, red-velvet cupcakes and of course…..my job!!

I am a bridal designer currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. Since my journey with fashion began, I can honestly say that I cannot envision myself doing anything else! I love what I do. This is my dream. This is my happy place. And I’m incredibly blessed to have been able to turn my passion into a career.

After I completed a BA in Fashion Design at The Design School Southern Africa, I went on to work as an assistant designer to Marianne Fassler-  my mentor and teacher. What I have learnt from Marianne has become an intrinsic part of my design craft, workmanship and career ethic. I will forever be grateful for such a wonderful opportunity!

It is my privilege to translate the dreams of each bride into an awe-inspiring reality. Maybe you’re here looking for inspiration and ideas for your own wedding that’s just around the corner; or perhaps you’re colouring in your dreams for when you find your Mr Right. Whatever your status quo, I hope you are standing on the threshold of something beautiful.

Hope you enjoy my blog! ☺

♥ A

12 thoughts on “♥ About me

  1. Ever since I saw a post about your “once upon a dream” collection on tumblr you’ve had me smitten by your designs! I can’t wait for my boyfriend to finally pop the question so I can meet you and own one of your beautiful creations (:

  2. I saw your once upon a dream collection on tumblr and ever since then I’ve been so in love with all your designs whenever my boyfriend finally pops the question I know exactly who I’m going to :).

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  4. Hello Alana, saw all your dresses at the WINELANDS SPRING SOIREE and it was great working with you. (i was Stephania… haha) My one friend is getting married and I know she is making a booking to come and see you soon! Hopefully me to someday 😉

  5. i love you..lol..your super talented at what you do and it shows in every dress. Ive been looking everywhere and honestly hands down the best. Im getting married november 09, 2013 Would u have any dresses already made that i can see?

    • Hi Priscilla,

      Thank you very much for the compliment! Unfortunately all my dresses are specially designed and made for each bride, so I don’t have any finished dresses here to look at. You are more than welcome to contact me for a consultation session should you decide to have a dress made for your big day. 🙂

      Warm regards,

  6. I adore the wedding dress you made for Lize, I’d love to find a way to have that dress!! I am getting married Spring of next year, and live in the U.S.A., anyway to send measurements and have it made without me having to fly over? what would be a estimated price for it in American dollars?

    • Hi Katesha, thank you very much for your enquiry. I would LOVE to make a dress for you, but I am a bit hesitant to do a wedding dress without a few fittings, expecially one that is strapless (like Lize’s dress) and needs to fit the body perfectly. (The price of that dress would be more or less $1 600, exluding shipping). Warm regards, Alana ♥

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