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Thank you for your interest.

Please take note that my focus is solely on individually designed, made-to-order wedding gowns that complement each bride’s personality and enhances their signature style. The prices of my wedding gowns range between R13 000 and R19 000, depending of course on a number of variables.

How does  this exciting process work?

Step 1: Consultation Session

We schedule a consultation approximately 4 – 5 months prior to the wedding date. Please click here to arrange a consultation.

Step 2: Estimate Quotation

I will provide you with an estimate quotation. By definition, it may be subject to change depending on outlying factors.

Step 3: Fittings

We will schedule 3 to 4 fittings prior to your big day.

Step 4: Completion of the Dress

I look forward to hearing from you!

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