Tamsyn Wessels (Moseley) – 15 March 2014

It was Marilyn Monroe who said that true beauty is timeless. That it transcends age. It is,despite times or trends. Tamsyn is such a woman. Incredibly beautiful, she exudes a carefree confidence and a quiet grace.

It was thus befitting that her dress reflect these timeless attributes. A classic design, Tamsyn’s dress is a form fitting ivory dress, delicately over-embellished with gold. A very low cut back with a scalloped lace border sweeping into a comely court train. The front was fashioned from lace, the capped sleeves sensually accentuating her defined collarbones.

As Tamsyn so eloquently states- she isn’t a fluffy girl. She wanted something stylish, yet simple. Something that would stand the test of time…

Sounds a lot like love, doesn’t it.

♥ A

P.S. Tamsyn’s wedding will also be featured on SouthBound Bride! So exciting!

Tamsyn Wessels

Tamsyn Wessels (Moseley)

Tamsyn Wessels

Tamsyn Wessels

Tamsyn Wessels

Tamsyn Wessels

Photography by Aglow Photography.

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