Nicky Waterson (Gerber) – 22 March 2014

American bridal designer, Vera Wang, famously expressed that a woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes. I couldn’t agree more. You should be comfy.

The good news is you don’t have to square off style, class and beauty in the name of comfort.

Take Nicky for example. This beautiful bride regarded comfort above all else. She wanted something elegant and vintage- inspired. All these ideas were imaginatively consolidated into a dusky pink dress – the bodice bedecked with beautifully beaded lace, boasting an unique tulle rose-shaped motif, flowing and fading into a skirt made up of layered tulle. The classic lower cut V-neck and back line was elegantly bordered with a scanty strip of Chantilly lace.

Nicky has such an endearing, soft and delicate quality about her – her dress was merely a mirror of the exquisite beauty she harbors within.

♥ A


Nicky Waterson

Nicky Waterson

Nicky Waterson

Nicky Waterson

Photography by Liesl Basson.

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