Mia Boonzaier (Pengilly) – 23 November 2013

Mia is an adorer of everything Victorian. Lively ornamentation and dramatic embellishments are characteristic of this bygone era. She wanted lots of lace and plenty of pearls. Moreover, she wanted something that would fit her like a glove – something that would reflect her personality, yes. But also something that would work best with her body type. The dress was such a beautiful reflection of timeless values and age old romance. Her underskirt was fashioned from layers of tulle, covered with champagne and cream coloured satin. The empire design was then embellished with corded lace and chiffon ruffles at the back. This striking ensemble was finished off with a beautiful birdcage veil, an incredibly stylish alternative to a conventional covering. Beautiful!

♥ A

Mia Pengilly


Mia Pengilly


Mia Pengilly

Photography by Tasha Seccombe.

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