Helena Krige (Snyman) – 26 January 2013

A career photographer, Helena is in essence an incredibly creative individual and desired her dress to be a reflection thereof. The twosome was to be joined in the warmth of the midsummer January sun. Therefore she required her bridal dress to be casually cool, comfy and original. All this translated into a sleeveless tea length cream dress, a beautifully rouged bodice, lovely lace straps and a dreamy chiffon skirt. A fun and fearless female, Helena portrayed her personality by plumping up her look with a pair of killer blue suede shoes!  Gutsy and Gorgeous! ♥ it!

♥ A

Helena Krige (Snyman)

Helena Krige (Snyman)

Helena Krige (Snyman)

Photography by DEAR HEART PHOTOS.

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