Lana Kruger (Burger) – 5 Jan 2013

This dress was enthused by a stunning satin and chiffon creation by design dynasty Elie Saab. (I just ♥ the perfume by the way!) Lana had seen a print of a design and intuitively knew that this was the one, It was imperative that a) the dress should be comfortable and b) she wouldn’t have to tuck in her tummy. Yes ladies, I know what you are thinking! What tummy! Lana has a beautiful figure. She looked absolutely gorgeous in this creation. The fluidity of the skirt produced- as it is fitting for your wedding day- the illusion that she was walking on air.

Classically regal. Understated elegance. Luxurious comfort. Absolutely Beautiful.

♥ A






From Lana:

It was such an incredible experience working with Alana. I was nervous to have a dress tailored since you never know what the end product will look like – however Alana immediately got my vibe and I felt incredibly comfortable. My dress was more beautiful than I ever imagined! Thanks to her! What an incredibly friendly, professional person! It was an unbelievably enjoyable experience- not at all stressful!

Photography by Lavonne Bosman Photography

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