2 thoughts on “Minki’s bridesmaids dresses in Die Burger – 9 June 2012 ♥

  1. Hi Alana, after spending hours viewing you tube ” 21 ways to wear the Henkaa dress” , wondering who would be able to copy the patern, we open the Burger and see the exact dress we were looking for! Interested in 4 long length dresses in mauve pink for December wedding. Where do we start? Morag

    • Hi Morag! I normally start by setting up a consultation where we can discuss details, such as design, colour, fabrics etc. But if the dresses are very simlilar to the ones above, I will only need a few measurements from the girls. I would however ask them to come for at least one fitting….whereabout are you/they situated? I can email you a quote and then we take it from there.
      Kind regards,

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