Nicola Momberg (Bester) – 28 Jan 2012

Being a photographer, Nicola has an amazing sense for the aesthetic, and had a wonderful vision for her dream dress! Contrary to most brides who focus on how they WANT to look and feel on their big day, Nicola started off with showing me pictures of what she DOESN’T want to look like….I LOVED her unconventional approach to the whole process! 🙂

The dress was designed to compliment her beautiful, outgoing personality and to tie in with the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme of her wedding. The bodice is of raw silk with a mixture of three different beautiful French laces delicately woven together. The tulle skirt gave the desired ethereal feel to the dress, and the bow was added for a playful touch!

Enjoy these amazing photos taken by the very talented Jani from Jani B Photography.

♥ A

Doing final checks to make sure everything is PERFECT!

… and Nicola having some fun later that evening 🙂

3 thoughts on “Nicola Momberg (Bester) – 28 Jan 2012

  1. Die rok was die werk van ‘n meester in haar vak. Dit is met soveel presisie, liefde en toewyding gedoen en het so perfek by die bruid se persoonlikheid en “looks” gepas. Uitstekende werk Alana!

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