Lize de Jongh (van Veijeren) – November 2011

What an absolute privelege to have done this wedding!! Lize and I have been ‘soul friends’ since we met in grade 5. From our schoolyears, through university and onto all the emails, bbm’s, skype chats and phone calls when she lived in England for 4 years, she remained one of my closest and dearest friends! So when she asked me to do all the outfits for her big day, I was super excited but also a teeny bit nervous……because Lize is one of the most stylish people I know, and her wedding was going to be one for the books!!

Lize started gathering pictures for her dream dress even before she was engaged, so I expected a very clear idea of what was to be done…..quite the contrary. She entrusted me with so much creative freedom that I could let my juices flow and piece together these final looks. The only criteria: she wanted to feel like she just stepped out of a Vogue! 🙂

So more about the dress itself: the bodice is made of pure silk satin dyed in a flesh pink, covered with a beautiful French Chantilly lace and the skirt is a mixture of silks, chiffons, tulles and pleated tulles in different shades of creams and pinks. The look was rounded off with a statement flower belt.

For the bridesmaids dresses I wanted to capture each girl’s personal style, so we chose these romantic designs in a range of beautiful muted colours.

Hope you enjoy these AMAZING photos taken by the talented Adene Niewoudt from Adene photography.

♥ A

Photos by Adene Photography

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