My first post…♥

Today marks the start of my blogging!

I am very happy and excited to introduce myself and what I am about. My name is Alana van Heerden, a fashion and bridal designer currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been so fortunate in given the oppurtunity to pursue my DREAM career! If it weren’t for few events (some fortunate and others not so much), I probably would have been sitting in an auditing office this morning, getting ready for a day of number crunching…..not dissing the auditors ( I have some wonderful friends that are auditors!), but it just wasn’t me! And so my journey with the big F began!  I went to study BA Fashion Design at the Design School Southern Africa in Brooklyn, Pretoria and after graduating in 2008 went on to work as assistant designer to Marianne Fassler….my mentor and teacher. What I have learnt from Marianne have become an intrinsic part of my design style, workmanship and career ethic. I will forever be grateful for such an opportunity!

FASHION….oh how I love everything about it! From checking for the latest runway snippets, to reading Rachel Zoe’s blog and my weekly dose of Ifashion to hear what Emma Jordan has to say about SA fashion, to sitting at Africa Fashion Week or SA Fashion Week and taking in our amazing local talent, to the smell of new fabrics and the endless possibilities and potential it holds of becoming something extraordinary, to seeing a bride on her final fitting and sharing in the emotions and tears of joys, to the sheer satisfaction of creating a form-fitting, 3-dimensional piece of art from a mere flat piece of fabric…..that to me is fashion!

My focus at the moment is wedding dresses, dresses for the rest of the bridal party, outfits for special events or any made to order  garments. Seasonal collections of ready-to-wear garments would definitely be my next project to see the light!

I do hope you enjoy my posts and all the beautiful photographs (taken by such talented people) to be uploaded!

Lots of love

Alana ♥

5 thoughts on “My first post…♥

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